What is CTR and why its important

Many businesses both small and big ones have embraced digital marketing and are looking for ways in which their website can rank top on Google Bing or Yahoo in order to gain more traffic. But this is not all they need for a digital marketing to be considered successful. Click-Through Rate is also important as it is used to measure the success of every online advertising and effectiveness of campaigns. CTR is used to by companies to measure the ratio of clicks per ad verses the number of times the ad was shown.

Why is CTR important?

Enable top ranking

If your website has a high Click-Through Rate it helps it rank on the first page of Google. However, if you are already ranking on top but the number of people clicking on your website does not add up to the enough as other websites, Google can bring down your website to the bottom page. So you need high CTR rates to maintain top position on Google.

Quality score

CTR is given high importance when it comes to Google analytic scores. The quality of your website and its pages is important for its ranking on Google and also helps reduce your Costs per Click (CPC).

Higher conversion rates

As far as many people can argue that the number of clicks does not guarantee high conversion rates, this is not always 100% true. When a person gets attracted to your ad and clicks it, there are chances that he/she might get interested hence end up purchasing your product. Not all website visitors are window shoppers and the more the clicks the more the conversion rates.

Know which keywords are attracting most clicks

CTR helps you determine how your keywords are doing and you can tell which of your keywords are attracting more clicks. By knowing this, you can change your campaign strategy to suit the keyword attracting more clicks.

Helps you know if your ad is attracting visitors

When you have many clicks on your ad is a positive sign that many people are getting attracted to your ad and are willing to click it and even make a purchase. CTR helps you figure out how attractive your ads are to the visitors and how well they are doing online.

Helps maintain ad position at low costs

Having high CTR rate enables you to have lower Costs per Click. When you are able to accumulate more clicks, you get more cost effective PPC efforts. You will be able to pay less than you used to pay when someone clicks your ad hence lowering your expenditure and increasing your profit.


Having a low CTR rate can be devastating to every business as this can be a sign that you are not impressing your online audience with your ads. You can pay a lot for web marketing companies to get your business ranked on top, but all the investment and hard work can be in vain if your CTR is low. So just like top Google ranking, CTR is equally important to measure your performance, increase your Return on Investment (ROI) and increase your profit.